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AUG 2019 - Catalogue Books
Posted October 29, 2019 02:37 PM EST

Catalogs are scheduled to be published on the first date of inspection. Catalogs are listed in date order. Notes are provided when a variety is sold on another date.

European Board Lots are identified as EBD as part of the Lot description.

To browse the catalogue and view auction results:
(1) click the book title to view the section index;
(2) on the section page, click on a section title to display the lots with sales results.
Prices update without refreshing.

PDF Catalogues are available by clicking the icon.
N.B. PDF files do not contain prices

Chinese The Chinese Section provides PDF catalogues indexes and the live auction broadcast.

Listen to the Live Auction Broadcast during the sale.

Raccoon, Muskrat, Sable, Fisher, Lynx Cat, Lynx
AUG 23
Otter, Wild Mink, Beaver, Red Fox, Grey Fox, Cross Fox & White Fox
AUG 23
Silver, Blue, Red, Cross & Mutation Fox
AUG 23
Dressed Chinchilla
AUG 23
Timber Wolf, Wolverine, Bears, Badger, Ermine, Squirrel, Opossum, Skunk, Ringtails
AUG 23
White M/F, Pearl M/F, Black Cross M/F, Silver Cross M/F, Palomino Cross M/F, Pearl Cross M/F, Sapphire Cross M/F, Blue Iris Cross M/F, Palomino M/F
AUG 24
Demi-Brown M/F & Silverblue M/F
AUG 25
Black M/F, Mahogany M/F, Polar M, Pastel M/F
AUG 26
Sapphire M/F, Blue Iris M/F, Violet M/F, Lavender M/F, Marble M/F, Unique Mutations M/F & Lowgrades (all varieties M/F)
AUG 27
AUG 27
AUG 27
Additional resale ranch mink and fox lots 养殖水貂 农场狐狸 合同销售
AUG 29
Additional resale wild fur lots 野生皮目录 合同销售
AUG 29