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NAFA is the most competitive wild fur auction in the world and boasts the world’s largest offering of sustainable and legally sourced wild fur from Canada and the United States. The mission of North American Fur Auctions is to be a premium seller and cost-effective consigner service provider of the highest quality and broadest selection of fur pelts globally.

The trade of wild fur pelts is intricately woven into the history of Canada and the United States. It was the search for wild furs that fueled the historic fur trade and drove Europeans to explore North America in the 1600’s. Trends and practices have changed over time, but what has remained constant is our respect for the environment, care for wildlife, and appreciation of what nature provides.

NAFA’s Wild Fur is produced with care and respect in Canada and the United States in accordance with national laws, standards and codes of practice. NAFA currently handles all varieties of wild fur including: Beaver, Coyote, Fisher, Lynx, Lynx Cat, Marten, Musquash, Otter, Raccoon, Wild Fox, Wild Mink, Badger, Bear, Cougar, Ermine, Nutria, Opossum, Ringtail, Squirrel, Timber Wolf and Wolverine. NAFA Wild Furs represent respect, form and function, endless possibility, and, above all, the beauty of the natural world.

If you have wild fur that you may be interested in selling through NAFA, please contact the designated representative for your region. Our representatives will be happy to provide you with important information on how to sell your furs through NAFA.


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why ship to nafa

NAFA is the largest auction house in North America and receives pelts on a consignment basis from North American wild fur producers. If you have wild fur that you are interested in selling through NAFA, our representatives will be happy to provide you with the relevant information.


consignor services

NAFA proudly offers a variety of services to our consignors such as technical resources and grading manuals, inventory records and receipts, lotting letters and personal sales results. Existing wild fur consignors who sell through NAFA can view this information by logging in to My Account.


certification & traceability

NAFA’s Ethical Sourcing program was developed to give customers confidence that NAFA Certified™ furs are sourced from responsibly managed and sustainable populations of wild fur. Learn more about the program and how to become NAFA Certified.




Wild Fur Association


north american wild fur shippers council

NAFA established the North American Wild Fur Shippers Council (NAWFSC) in 1996 to enhance the working relationship between the company and our wild fur producers. Find out more about the benefits of joining the NAWFSC.