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NAFA is the largest fur auction house in North America. Our goods are received on a consignment basis from North American and European fur farmers. Consigned pelts are sorted and graded by a team of experienced technicians incorporating specialized equipment using the latest technology, and are then offered at NAFA’s auctions in Toronto, Canada.

NAFA’s high-quality collection of farm-raised fox is unparalleled. Our broad assortment includes Silver Fox, Blue Fox, Blue Shadow Fox, Red Fox, and Cross Fox as well as Dawn Glo, which is sold exclusively at NAFA.

NAFA’s ranch mink collection combines the largest consignments of high quality North American mink available with a collection of superior European ranch-raised mink to create a total ranch mink offering that is the finest, most comprehensive and luxurious available anywhere in the world.

NAFA Mink and NAFA Fox are produced with care and respect in Canada, the United States and Europe, in accordance with national laws, standards and codes of practice. The production of ranch-raised mink is regulated by industry standards and/or codes of practice in North America under the jurisdiction of state and provincial departments of agriculture. In Europe, the production of ranch-raised mink is regulated and enforced by the European Union. 



why ship to nafa?

NAFA is an industry leader in the fur trade and consistently achieves premium prices at its annual auctions. If you have ranch-raised mink or fox that you may be interested in selling through NAFA, our representatives will be happy to provide you with the relevant information.


consignor services

NAFA proudly offers a variety of services to our consignors including financing, technical resources and grading manuals, inventory records and receipts, lotting letters and personal sales results. Existing ranch fur consignors who sell through NAFA can view this information by logging in to My Account.


certification & traceability

We believe it is vital to ensure that our products are ethically sourced from producers who uphold the highest standards in environmental stewardship, animal welfare, and sustainability. NAFA has committed to offering certified ranch fur by the year 2020. Find out more about the certification process.




Ranch Fur Associations


The American Mink Council (AMC) is a not for profit organization representing American mink ranchers that joined the North American Fur Producers Inc (NAFPI) in 1992 to become part owners of NAFA and hold seats on the NAFA Board of Directors.


The Canada Mink Breeders Association (CMBA) is a non-profit association that was founded in 1952 and is comprised of Canadian mink farmers. The CMBA is a member of the North American Fur Producers Inc. by which NAFA is owned and hold seats on the NAFA Board or Directors.


The Canada Fox Breeders Association (CFBA) is a part owner of North American Fur Auctions Inc. and a non-profit organization designed to represent the interests of Canadian ranched fox producers.


The European Fur Farmers Council (EFFC) represents and is made up of European mink ranchers. Although the EFFC is not a shareholder of North American Fur Producers Inc., it holds a seat with voting privileges on the NAFA Board of Directors.