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NAFPRO is NAFA’s pelt processing plant located in our Stoughton facility. The plant was opened in 2004 to better serve our ranchers by providing them with a state-of-the-art pelting facility. Since its inception, NAFPRO has consistently processed upwards of 700,000 pelts per year for our U.S. and Canadian Ranchers.

The benefits to having pelts processed at NAFPRO are numerous:

• Each fall, supplies are sent out to our consignors for use when packaging pelts. Bags, boxes or totes, ID tags and bar-coded bag tags to place with the pelts are included. Our bag tags are pre-assigned to each rancher’s account which guarantees ownership of the pelts.

• NAFPRO also arranges the pick-up and transportation of the pelts to the facility, which is included in the processing fee, unlike other processors who charge for this service. Since the plant is located in the same building as the grading facility, pelts are graded as soon as the processing is complete, not packed into a box awaiting shipment.

• NAFPRO’s staff maintains a close working relationship with the major processing equipment manufacturers. This relationship ensures that NAFPRO stays current as advances are made in pelt processing equipment and techniques. Constant assessment and evaluation of the final product are key to providing our ranchers with top quality processing.