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Privacy Policy

NAFA protects your privacy. NAFA will not sell, rent or give away any identifiable personal information regarding its members to any third party. Any information that you give to us is protected and held with the utmost security.

When registering for NAFA newsletters or on-line accounts, we require you provide your name, telephone number, mailing address and email address so that we may email our newsletters. We ask for this information to verify your identity and protect against fraudulent use of information.

When you register as an on-line member at NAFA.ca you will receive regular email updates from us giving you valuable member information about your account, industry news, and new services. These emails are a valuable part of NAFA’s customer services, and we expect that you will enjoy them as a benefit of this service. We will provide the ability to cancel subscriptions to these email newsletters. We respect your email privacy, and you will not receive email messages from any third party, unless you have asked for such information.

NAFA will only seek to collect additional information from its clients on a voluntary basis. This information assists in improving services that all clients will benefit from. NAFA will not share any of this information with partners or other third parties, and NAFA will not share any information at the individual member level.

NAFA takes the responsibility of protecting the integrity of our clients’ information seriously and uses industry standard procedures and processes to safeguard the confidentiality of its Members identifiable personal information and to track abuse of our network and its data. However, the internet is not a 100% secure medium and NAFA may not have control over submitted information during all phases of its relay between a Member and NAFA.ca.

When you register for on-line access with NAFA, you agree to accept this privacy policy and are aware that our privacy policy may change at any time. This policy will always be available for members to review at a visible place on our Web site. Members will always be told in advance of any change in our privacy policy.