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Traceability refers to the ability to track and document the movement of an item through stages of a supply chain, including the ability to verify the origin, history, manufacturing process and final application of that item.



NAFA Certified™ fur products are all fully traceable and come with all appropriate documentation for legal export and import according to inter-jurisdictional and international requirements and agreements. NAFA has developed a program that provides necessary traceability information and documentation to brands. Each pelt that arrives at NAFA receives a bar-coded tag that can trace data such as species, country of origin, year produced and a code to identify the producer. As part of NAFA’s Ethical Sourcing program, the bar-coded tag will also identify the certification status of each pelt.

After the pelts are sold, NAFA works with the buyer’s freight forwarder to supply or provide data for required export documentation. These documents may include government permits, certificates of origin, and/or health certificates if the goods are to be shipped outside of the country, including special permits for CITES Appendix II species. By law and regulation, collected raw fur pelts must be accompanied by proper documentation, no matter what their position in the supply chain.