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Nafa Certified™ Wild Fur


North America’s wild fur trade is a tradition of excellence and modern example of the sound application of conservation principles, animal welfare, and sustainable development.

The NAFA wild fur certification program is the first of its kind in the world. Through transparency and professional research development, the NAFA Certified™ Wild Fur program will communicate the wild fur story to consumers. This program lays the foundational criteria to ensure NAFA’s ethically sourced wild furs meet the highest standards of animal welfare, are sustainable, traceable, and come from licensed and trusted sources.



In North America, the harvesting of wild furbearers is legal and highly regulated in all American states, Canadian provinces and territories to ensure sustainability and humane care. No endangered species are handled by NAFA and their trade is not tolerated.


NAFA wild fur is procured from skilled, community-based harvesters. This includes hunters, trappers and dealers, who take great pride in procuring and producing quality, raw fur pelts. These community-based harvesters are regulated through their state, provincial, or territorial wildlife agency. NAFA Certified™ Wild Fur supports local and indigenous communities and rural, traditional lifestyles through a variety of initiatives designed to provide economic and cultural benefits.

NAFA is, and always has been, immensely proud of our trappers and the work they do in wildlife management and the value obtained from this activity.

NAFA shippers who wish to sell their furs as NAFA Certified™ must declare their intention to fulfill the requirements for fur certification and agree to the NAFA Certified™ Terms & Conditions.

NAFA Certified™ Wild Fur is fully traceable back to the harvester.

NAFA Certified™ Wild Furs are supported and recognized by FURMARK. Certified furs purchased from NAFA can be labelled and sold as FURMARK or NAFA Certified™.