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NAFA Certified™ Ranch Fur


NAFA is committed to the certification of our fur products to provide continuous support for the farmers who produce the fur, and also for brands and consumers who choose ethically and responsibly sourced fur.


The sustainable farming model for NAFA Certified™ Ranch Fur has been passed down for generations and still exists today on farms across North America and Europe.

Today, fur farms provide integral employment for rural communities; nearly half of the fur produced on farms comes from family-run, professionally managed farms. These farms strive to achieve the highest standards of animal welfare and to produce the best quality of fur possible. 

All of NAFA's farmed fur products are produced with care, knowledge and respect in Canada, the United States and Europe, in accordance with national laws, standards and codes of practice.



NAFA Certified™ Ranch Fur is based on the certification guidelines from the Canadian Code of Practice for Farmed Mink (Canada), the Humane Care Merit Award Program (USA), and Welfur (Europe).

The Humane Care Merit Award Program USA is built upon more than 30 years of Farm Certification in the USA, beginning in 1985. Canada’s Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farmed Mink was first developed in 1989 and farmed mink from Europe under the more recent Fur Europe Welfur program beginning in 2009.


Each certifying system applies national regulations to fur farming practices formulated on strict animal welfare regulations, sustainability and transparency. All three assessment programs are science-based and verified by independent experts and veterinarians in the field.

NAFA Certified™ Ranch Furs are supported and recognized by FURMARK. Certified furs purchased from NAFA can be labelled and sold as FURMARK or NAFA Certified™.