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Nafa Labels


Luxury label counterfeiting is a concern to consumers who want to assure themselves of the authenticity of the labels used. Each NAFA label contains its own unique serial number to ensure authenticity.
Validate your NAFA label.


NAFA Labels represents the finest collections of luxury furs in the world. Only furs sold through NAFA and graded by NAFA's expert technicians can carry a NAFA quality label. The NAFA family of labels includes Black NAFA, BLACKGLAMA, NAFA Mink, NAFA Fox and NAFA Northern, all of which have been showcased in the top fashion and lifestyle magazines in Italy, North America, Russia, Greece, Korea and China.

Garments carrying one of NAFA's five quality labels provide consumers, designers, and manufacturers alike the confidence that the furs used have met quality and environmental standards. In addition, every NAFA label includes a unique security fibre that is woven through the label and allows the verification and authenticity of the furs associated with it. 



All label requests should be made at the time of clearance of goods. Labels can be shipped with furs or shipped separately by special request.
Labels will be issued for the current and previous year and will be distributed as follows: 

  • 1 Black NAFA, BLACKGLAMA, or NAFA Mink label is given for 12 Gold quality male Mink.

  • 1 Black NAFA, BLACK GLAMA, or NAFA Mink label is given for 17 Gold quality female Mink.

  • 1 NAFA Fox label is given for 5 Select or First quality Silver Fox.

  • 1 NAFA Northern label is given for 15 Select or First quality Beaver, Lynx, Coyote, Grey Fox or Otter.

  • 1 NAFA Northern label is given for 20 Select or First quality Lynx Cat, Red Fox, Fisher and Raccoon.

  • 1 NAFA Northern label is given for Select or First quality 40 Can/Am Sable.

  • 1 NAFA Northern label is given for 50 Select or First quality Wild Mink or Musquash. 

NAFA Generic Labels confirm NAFA origin; these labels are offered by the same ratios as listed above and cover all qualities of pelts purchased.   

Generic NAFA label


NAFA Specialty Labels give consumers the confidence that the fur trims and accessories they have selected meet quality and environmental standards.

Specialty NAFA Labels are available only by special request.