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American Mink Council

The American Mink Council (AMC) is a partial owner of North American Fur Auction (USA) Inc., and a non-profit organization that represents the interests of U.S. mink producers. The AMC works cooperatively with its partners in the fur industry to advance the interests of U.S. mink producers in North America and internationally.

The AMC advocates that its member producers adhere to the best industry practices and strives to produce the highest quality mink pelts in the world. The AMC represents all producers in the U.S. with priorities in the highest standards of animal welfare, veterinary care, environmental regulations and the use of animal by-products.

The AMC prides itself on being an association that represents the interests of family farmers. Most American mink farms in operation today are third and fourth generation family farms; each generation trains the next and knowledge is passed down, fine-tuned and honed. They have a strong connection with the land and want to preserve their heritage for future generations. Mink ranchers possess a wealth of knowledge about sustainability and the environment and recognize that they have a responsibility to preserve and protect the land on which they work.

Visit the AMC website for more information.