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Pickup Schedules

January 28th 2011

Complete the shipping tags and receipt forms at home—before taking your fur to the truck. Box or bag all fur with a slip or tag inside with a count of each fur type and total. Include your name, address, phone number, email, account number and trapper’s license. Delays on the route can be expected due to weather and amount of furs being picked up.

Bags, tags and receiving forms will be provided for trappers who do not have a NAFA account. An account will be created for you once the fur arrives at our warehouse.

Make sure you get a completed receiving form for your furs. Use the red number on the top of the receipt form when you register for access to your account on our web site. Please wait 2 weeks from the completion of the collector route to register on our web site or phone.

The NAFA Pickup Schedules listed below are organized by US Census Region and sorted east to west and north to south within each region.




Note: Ohio linked to Pennsylvania in the northeast region.


Eastern Wyoming linked to Nebraska in MidWest

Satellite Depots