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Strong Competition and Clearances for Both Sable and Fisher

April 8, 2016

NAFA’s collection of Can-Am Sable sold under strong competition on Thursday. Korea was very active for all better qualities, with good support from Hong Kong, China and Europe. The popularity of this item was demonstrated by the significant attendance in the auction room.

Fisher sold 100% with China being the primary buyer of females, Greece and Italy buying most of the males. Otter sold 40%, meeting price resistance throughout. Tuesday’s Wild Mink sold 56% with good clearances in the males, while the females remain unsold.

The Top Lot of Can-Am Sable was purchased by K.H. LEE of TAE RIM FUR CO., LTD of Korea for $190.

April’s wild fur sale will conclude on Saturday, with the sale of Lynx and Lynx Cat.

Full PDF Report: NAFA-07-04-2016WF-PDF