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Report on MiFur 2016

March 5, 2016

By Rob Cahill, Senior Vice President, Marketing

On the heels of the Hong Kong Fur Fair, where it was apparent that new and fashionable items were of interest to the global retail community, was MiFur Milan (March 2-5), in Italy’s fashion capital.

Representing NAFA at MiFur were Rob Cahill, Bobby Poulios (VP Buyer Relations), Oksana Moroz (Marketing Director, Eastern Europe), Lumin Yao (Director, Beijing Office), and Carlotta Pellizzari, (Marketing Representative, Italy).

MiFur opened on a strong note with lively attendance and high energy that continued through the third day. Traffic was steady throughout the fair and booths were generally busy with buyers from Russia (CIS), Korea, China, America and Europe.

The trend in Milan was largely mixed fabrics, colors and lightweight garments. Mink remains a strong staple with sable/marten, lynx and lynx cat, sheared furs and long haired trim items showing well in combination with fine cashmere, nylon and down.

Most of the companies we spoke to were ‘very pleased’. Orders were placed and we saw many new faces from the Orient – an important indication that China also sees the need to offer fashion designs that are more diverse than the standard mink jacket, a style that currently comprises the vast majority of garments sold in China. Korean retailers also showed very strong at the fair this week.

The NAFA-sponsored Grand Finale at Wednesday night’s Gala Fashion Show remained the talk of the town throughout. Ten of Italy’s top fur designers presented unique capsule collections made exclusively with NAFA Northern raccoon and beaver. Although each designer interpreted the furs in different ways, the Grand Finale came together like an overall collection, demonstrating a range of colors and styles, varying from fun and youthful, to sporty, to elegant eveningwear. Inspired by NAFA’s wild fur collection, all of the show designers are keen to collaborate further, and to continue to innovate and promote NAFA wild fur.

Following the buzz of the Gala Show, there was a great deal of excitement around the IFF’s REMIX international design competition, in which student winners worked closely with many of Italy’s top brands. Participating in the event was NAFA Cup Winner Xuanxuan Li.


REMIX Finalists visit NAFA booth


Rob Cahill and Carlotta Pellizzari with Roberto Ravizza and Mr. Yu Changjiang of Harbin Guifuren Fur Square


Inside the NAFA booth: Lumin Yao speaks with Lorenzo Scarpi and his wife.



Chinese customer delegation visits NAFA booth.