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Prices Advance on the First Day of NAFA’s January Mink Sale

January 27, 2015

The first day of NAFA’s January mink sale opened to a crowded auction room, filled with international buyers eager to bid on NAFA’s impressive collection of Pastel mink. Enthusiastic and highly competitive bidding continued throughout the day as nearly 400 buyers representing all markets, but clearly dominated by China, bought all of the mink that NAFA had to offer. Pastel, Palomino and Mahogany mink all sold at very strong and advancing levels from the last international auction.

Today’s mink auction was capped off by the sale of NAFA’s world renowned collection of Black males, including the Black NAFA collection, which also sold at impressive price levels, especially considering the current market situation.

It is clear that, at least for the moment, China is both driving and dominating the world’s fur market. In a mere matter of weeks, events and retail sales activity in China appear to have turned the fur market around.