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Wild Fur Faces Price Uncertainty

May 19, 2014

NAFA opened its Wild Fur sale today amid challenging conditions following a difficult ranch mink sale. Given the reality of much cheaper mink prices, Wild Fur is now struggling to find its own niche in the international fur market.

The day started with a large offering of Can/Am Sable which sold 70%, at declining prices, meeting resistance throughout. A record offering of nearly 800,000 Raccoons sold approximately 25% at a significantly reduced price level. Muskrats were the exception for the day which sold 100% at somewhat firm prices. Wild Mink sold 36%, Fisher sold 78% and Otter sold 17%. The Wild Fur sale continues tomorrow with Beaver, Coyote, Lynx, Lynx Cats and Wild Fox.

The ranch Silver Fox sale saw bigger sizes and better goods mainly withdrawn.

NAFA Day 6, May 19, 2014