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Premiums Paid for Better Mahoganies

March 2, 2018

In today’s sale of Mahogany mink, better quality short nap goods achieved strong advances over recent international levels. This was especially true for Mahogany females. However, longer nap Mahogany females met with resistance. Most other Mahoganies sold at values that were firm to recent levels with NAFA holding the line on prices.

China, pushed by Korea, was the biggest buyer of Mahogany mink.

Sable sold 100% at very strong prices with Korea and China dominating.

Better quality, fresh Silver Foxes sold 65% with a top of $155.


The top lot of Mahogany Mink — Female was purchased by Stuart Bewley of Polar Furs for Haining Zhongyue Furs Clothing Co., Ltd., Brand Louisky, of Haining, China. Produced by Ball Bros. for $200.00

The top lot of Can-Am Sable was purchased by KC Fur of China for $188.00

The top lot of Silver Fox was purchased by Peter Papadimitriou for Globecraft Inc. of Toronto, Canada for $155.00


Premiums Paid for Better Mahoganies