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Pre-February Auction Update

February 26, 2018

Just before the start of NAFA’s mink auction tomorrow, buyer registration has now surpassed 350. With several late arrivals, this number is currently further increasing, reaching close to 400. All major markets are present including China, Korea, Russia and Greece. The atmosphere was positive during an active inspection. On top of that we expect a much higher number of buyers, viewing from remote sites. We are currently supporting On-Line Remote Auction viewing rooms in every major fur market across China.

Despite a healthy clearance of garments in China, there is still an abundant amount left unsold. And while this may affect confidence, the good news is that there are few skins in the marketplace. Still the market remains challenging.

Another bright spot is that NAFA has strengthened its position as the leading destination for quality mink and especially Black mink with 90% of the North American production incorporated. And this accounts for all consuming markets all from which we anticipate good support during our upcoming February auction.