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NAFA's Response to San Francisco's Bill to Ban Fur

March 26, 2018

As news spreads through the media about San Francisco’s recent bill to ban fur, NAFA would like to share our comments and the industry efforts that went on behind the scenes of this matter.

Facts about the Ban:

Supervisors in the city of San Francisco passed the first of required readings of a fur ban on a vote of 10-0. At that hearing, the bill sponsor offered one amendment to extend the enforcement date for certain fur goods. If passed at the second reading then it must be signed into law by the Mayor’s office. We expect this to occur in mid-April. The bill states that it will be unlawful to sell, offer for sale, display for sale, trade, give, donate or otherwise distribute a fur product by any means in San Francisco beginning January 1, 2019 unless goods were invoiced before March 20th, 2018 and if they were, a person will have the right to sell those goods up until January 1, 2020.

As soon as this notion had been raised, representatives of the IFF and FICA were on the ground in San Francisco to battle this bill face to face with city’s Board of Supervisors. After much dedicated outreach and communication with the city’s board, one supervisor, Katy Tang, who is an active animal rights supporter, was very instrumental in raising the bill, which reflected her personal choice with little to no concern on what detrimental impacts this will have on the city’s economy, environment or jobs.

The unethical voting process, passed only through a small board of supervisors, is not representative of the general public or individuals who will carry the economic affects and repercussions of this ban. The fur industry is a legal enterprise and citizens should have the right to purchase, wear and support fur products no matter where they live.

The IFF and FICA are actively reaching out and interviewing with top media outlets to ensure that our message is heard.  Please see the most recent coverage in Global News where the IFF and FCC reps speak to the issue.

NAFA will continue to support the IFF, FICA and all other organizations to proactively ensure that this mentality and action does not progress to other cities.  See the link for the official release from FICA, who is leading all media communications for this issue on behalf of the trade. Download FICA press release here.