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NAFA’s May Mink Sale Ends on a Stronger Note

May 21, 2018

After a difficult start to this week’s mink sale, where Brown and Mutation mink struggled to find firm footing in this market, NAFA was pleased to see the trade respond more enthusiastically to its exceptional collection of Mahogany, Black and Pastel mink, which are produced in limited quantities. As a result, NAFA’s May mink sale ended on a much stronger note.

NAFA would like to take this opportunity to thank all 325 registered buyers who participated in our May sale, as well as all those consignors who came to the auction and helped us celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Blackglama label. We look forward to seeing you again in July.

Full Report PDF: NAFA’s May Mink Sale Ends on a Stronger Note-PDF