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NAFA Hosts Successful Workshop in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine

October 7, 2016

On October 5, 2016 more than 100 people, including manufacturers, retailers, mink farmers, producers, designers and dealers, converged in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine to learn more about NAFA and the comprehensive collection of ranched mink, fox and wild furs offered under the NAFA brand.

Participants came from all over Ukraine – Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Kramatorsk, Cherkassy, Kyiv, as well as Tysmenytsya and Ivano-Frankivsk – to hear Bobby Poulios, VP of Buyer Relations and Oksana Moroz, Marketing Director for Eastern Europe discuss everything NAFA.  Topics included: the specific features of NAFA products including North American and European mink as well as North American wild fur; NAFA fur techniques; a comprehensive overview about NAFA services; NAFA’s sales and marketing programs; and how to attend a NAFA auction in Toronto.

Nikolaos Konstantinou Bobby Poulios Oksana Moroz Volodymir Ivanyshyn

Nikolaos Konstantinou Bobby Poulios Oksana Moroz Volodymir Ivanyshyn


A collection of garments provided by Tykafurlux – made from NAFA Mink and NAFA Northern wild fur – adorned mannequins throughout the workshop demonstrating the unique designs that can be created using NAFA’s exquisite collection of fur.

North American and European mink pelts as well as a vast array of wild fur pelts in a variety of colors were also assembled for the workshop to encourage participants to not only attend NAFA’s auctions but to also promote NAFA fur and spread the word within the trade about NAFA. Skins and plates samples were kindly provided by the dressing plant MPV-Ukraine.

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Several fur trade VIP’s were in attendance at the workshop including Igor Zvarych, the President of Ukrainian Association of Furriers and Oleksandr Dykyi, the President of Ukrainian Fur Farmers Association.

Also in attendance was Felix Rodionov, a well-known Ukrainian designer and Studio NAFA alumnus. At the request of Oksana Moroz, Mr. Rodionov presented to the audience NAFA fur techniques he had learned while attending Studio NAFA. During his presentation Mr. Rodionov showcased samples of each method as well as several garments made of coyote, raccoon and beaver he had created using the NAFA techniques discussed.


Throughout the workshop NAFA representatives distributed promotional materials, information about NAFA and information about how to buy from NAFA to each participant. In particular, NAFA brochures, auction guides, posters with the NAFA logo and NAFA retailer books were in high demand by everyone in attendance.

Overall the workshop was a huge success. All those present showed a keen interest in NAFA furs and NAFA’s promotional activities. In addition, participants left the workshop with a greater appreciation of the quality of NAFA’s assortment and the abundant choices of fur pelts offered.