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NAFA FURCHINA Pre-Auction Update

October 17, 2017

Please see the following report from Rob Cahill:

After a week of skin demonstrations, buyer outreach workshops and designer and fashion events, the NAFA Team, made up of NAFA HQ sales and Buyer Services staff and the NAFA China Team, has converged on FURCHINA in Yuyao to prepare for the 2-day online auction (October 18-19). Over the past days, the energy and attendance has built up to a busy day at FURCHINA on the eve of this historic first sale.

Iain Dunbar, VP Buyer Services, and Qing Guo, Buyer Services Toronto, were busy registering NAFA and FURCHINA buyers, and addressing many buyer questions ahead of the sale day.  It was a very busy day for Auction staff, with Brian Balaam, Nick Dolinsky and Josh Molina walking buyers through the NAFA catalogue and the inspection area.

Rob Cahill met with many buyers and international brokers and participated in a Fur Forum in cooperation with FURCHINA, hosted at Yuyao Fur Fair. During the Fur Forum there was an unveiling ceremony of a NAFA plaque for permanent display in the office area at FURCHINA.

Energy is high, leading into this first online sale, where many of NAFA’s international brokers and Chinese buyers have come to inspect the collection, meet the trade and pay respects to NAFA for our efforts to support and build the Chinese fur trade.