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NAFA February Auction Bulletin: Over 1 Million Black Mink - A Historic Opportunity

February 15, 2018

NAFA is proud to offer over 1 million of the world’s finest quality black mink on Saturday,
March 3rd.

This is a historic event, in which we will be marketing the greatest collection of black mink ever assembled. As a result of our recent acquisition of the Blackglama label, our high-quality black mink will now be catalogued under a joint “Black NAFA/Blackglama” heading. Buyers will be given the option to request either label, or a combination of the two, based on NAFA’s label allocation guidelines.

Many international fur retailers see this auction as a great opportunity to upgrade their collections and put themselves in a better competitive position for the future. Garment producers should take advantage of this exciting occasion to enhance the quality and saleability of their collections.

NAFA is on show consecutively as of February 21. We look forward to seeing you in Toronto.