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NAFA Auction Bulletin: 1,450,000 Top Quality Black Mink at NAFA’s May Sale

May 10, 2018

NAFA is proud to announce that we have catalogued 1,450,000 top quality, short napped Black Mink for our May sale. This is the largest number of top quality Black Mink ever assembled in one auction, and will be the last offering of the year.

To commemorate this historic offering as well as the 50th Anniversary of Blackglama, we will be hosting a Lobster Dinner on Saturday, May 19th.  All Buyers are invited to attend.

With a final quantity of over 4,700,000 mink, this is NAFA’s biggest sale of the year.  For buyers looking to purchase high quality, short nap, well-furred mink, this is a sale that can’t be missed.

Black Mink will be sold on Sunday, May 20th.

We look forward to seeing you and welcoming you to our sale.

Printable PDF: 1,450,000 Top Quality Black Mink at NAFA’s May Sale

NAFA’s May Auction runs May 14-21, 2018. On Show from May 10.