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May Sale Opens with Demi Brown Mink

May 15, 2018

The first day of NAFA’s May mink sale opened to a full auction room, with strong representation from all major markets of the global fur trade.

The day began with the sale of Demi Brown male mink, which sold 60% under cautious buying at slightly easier prices, reflecting current market trends. Demi Brown females followed, resisting the trend and selling 82% at prices that were firm to recent levels.

The biggest buyer in today’s mink sale was China, with strong support from Korea on the females.

NAFA’s May auction continues tomorrow with the sale of Silverblue, Blue Iris, and Sapphire male and female mink, along with over 90,000 Coyote, and a premiere offering of over 10,000 Certified Finnish Blue Fox.



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