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July Sale Wild Fur Report: Day 1 - 3

July 7, 2017

NAFA’s July offering consists of previously offered wild fur, as well as a small collection of fresh goods.

Although there were a limited quantity of fresh Sable and Fisher, we were able to sell 50%-60% of our previously offered collection. A small collection of fresh Lynx Cats, together with the previously unsold goods, met with price resistance on the bigger size, better goods, while the slightly casty bellies saw improved clearances over our May sale.

A small collection of previously offered Lynx saw a similar pattern to our May sale, with small sizes largely remaining unsold.

A small collection of Beaver, Wild Mink and Red Fox sold 100% at current market levels.

Day 4 and 5 will continue with Raccoon and Muskrats, followed by Coyotes.

July Sale Wild Fur Report: Day 1- 3-PDF