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International Trapper (IT) Magazine

December 22, 2017

International Trapper is the official publication of the North American Wild Fur Shippers Council. Since 2006, International Trapper Magazine has been the main communication source for information about the NAWFSC and about current marketing activities of both the Shipper’s council and of NAFA.

Subscribing to IT Magazine is one of the best ways to stay informed and up-to-date on current markets. The magazine is published twice per year, in March and October, and the annual subscription fee for two issues is $10.00. All funds go to the NAWFSC for education (i.e. fur handling DVDs) and promotional activities in the international market. You can also purchase one or all of our special Anniversary Issues – a great gift for the trapping loved one in your life.

The publication also provides fur handling tips and information about how international auctions work, as well as a variety of popular features, such as:

  • Ask a NAFA Fur Grader – a popular column in which our experienced fur graders answer commonly asked questions about grading and handling, such as “What is the most common trapper-caused problem with beaver skins?”, “How important are inspect windows on fur-in species?”, and “If one of my skins was graded select, does that mean my handling was perfect?”
  • What’s this Fur For? – Have you ever wondered about the final use of the species that you harvest? In this column, we interview our in-house experts about how commonly trapped species are used in manufacturing and fashion.
  • Ask a NAFA Marketing Expert – this feature addresses marketing and auction-business questions, such as “What happens after the fur is sold at auction?”, “What are the most important species sold at NAFA by volume or value?” or “What is a Private Treaty sale?”, and more.

In addition, each issue carries information about current market conditions and initiatives, profiles of NAWFSC Directors, and a variety of “how to” articles that cover everything from proper pelt handling, to tips on how to catch more fur, and more. The IT Magazine is also used to deliver WFSC Pelt Handling DVDs.

In this issue:

  • Chairman’s Report
  • Staying Connected with NAFA
  • Market Update: Wild Fur Generates Increased Interest in China
  • What’s This Fur For? – Bobcat
  • Muskrat Magnets
  • Gang setting for Beaver
  • Ask a NAFA Marketing ExpertWhat are Private treaty sales?
  • Ask a NAFA Fur GraderWhat is the most common trapper-caused problem with beaver skins?
  • And more

We value your opinion! Make sure you fill out our International Trapper Magazine survey, to provide us with your suggestions on ways we can improve, and how we can make our magazine better for our readers.