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International Trapper Magazine - Anniversary Issue

December 22, 2017

North American Fur Auctions is pleased to offer the International Trapper magazine ONLY to the trappers of North America who ship to NAFA. Since 2006 the International Trapper Magazine has been published twice per year in March and October. The annual subscription price of $10.00 will be charged automatically for NAFA shippers on the first shipment each season unless we have been instructed to cancel the subscription. We would prefer that NAFA shippers not send money to prepay subscriptions. NAFA DOES NOT accept magazine subscriptions from anyone that is not shipping to us since we are not set up to open accounts just for subscriptions.

To purchase one or all of the Anniversary Issues below, download the order form: IT Order Form

Note: Due to limited availability, this offer is only available to active NAFA shippers only and can be charged to your account. These three invaluable sources of information provide the avid trapper with an understanding of how fur is graded, how to maximize wild fur prices through proper handling, and some of the best trapping information ever written. Due to the weight of these special issues, there is a $4 shipping charge per issue. To purchase one or all of these magazines, download the order form.


Anniversary 2003 Issue—Special Edition I: Grading

In the 2003 issue, we incorporated all of the previous wild fur grading articles and photos published since we first started the series back in the spring of 1997. The grading articles were the most popular feature printed in the International Trapper Magazine. The magazine explains the grading process as well as the grading terminology used by North American Fur Auctions senior wild fur technicians. The magazine is complete with color photographs to give trappers a visual perspective of the grading classification. It is all in one magazine and it is 64 pages.


image003AAnniversary 2004 Issue—Special Edition II: Pelt Handling***

The 2004 issue is a new version of the NAFA wild fur pelt handling manual with more pages and photographs as well as new information. The manual addresses issues such as proper field care, improper use of Conibear-type traps, improving the handling of most common furbearers, as well as the proper stretch and board sizes and boarding techniques resulting in pelts that are most appealing to International buyers. The Manual was written from the graders perspective and has become our most popular publication.

***Please Note: The IT Anniversary 2004 issue is out of date and is no longer available for circulation.***


image005AAnniversary 2005 issue – Special Edition III – Trapping

The 2005 issue is a collection of the best trapping articles ever published in International Trapper Magazine. Most North American wild fur species are covered in this issue with articles written by some of the best expert trappers on the continent. Most articles are complemented by photographs or professional sketches of the sets described in the trapping articles which will provide excellent tips for experienced trappers and an invaluable reference for new or less experienced trappers just getting started. This issue completes the set of three Anniversary collector series publications.