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Heavy Can-Am Sable and Female Fisher Advance 25%

April 1, 2015

March 31, 2015

NAFA’s offering of over 62,000 Can-Am Sable was very well received, with Korea dominating better quality heavy sections. Prices advanced 25% or more in XXL-XL heavy sections, while semi-heavy sections advanced 10-15%.

Female Fisher sold under very strong competition with China dominating, driving prices to advance 25% or more for better qualities. Males, which are very inexpensive in comparison to females, met some resistance, and sold 52%.

Interest from international fashion houses generated increased competition on both of these items.

Lynx met some resistance, due to circumstances in the Russian market. However, premiums were paid on clearer colours.

Please see the link below for the full sales report:

Wild Fur Report 03-31-2015