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Fashion Trade Continues to Support Coyotes: Prices Reach New Highs for Better Trimming Sections

March 27, 2015

Strong support from the international fashion trade created a very positive atmosphere today, with coyotes realizing increases of 10 to 15 per cent over our January results in the more desirable sections. Hong Kong, Italy and Canada competed throughout for all better trimming sections, proving that the trim trade is still a powerful player.

Hong Kong and mainland China dominated throughout today’s wild fur sale. Prices and percentages of sales for many of the other wild fur goods that have traditionally gone to Russia were a challenge, and reflective of the current weakness of that market. Beaver and otter were among the most significantly impacted.

Red and grey fox both sold well in better qualities and bigger sizes, but met some resistance and showed weakness in more commercial grades. Wild mink saw a similar picture with Italy and China competing for bigger sizes.

Yesterday our collection of timber wolves, wolverines and bears sold well, with all better qualities selling at sharply advancing prices.

Sales Results-PDF