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Coyotes Continue to Sell at Very High Prices

June 28, 2015

June 28, 2015

Today’s wild fur sale started with 310,000 muskrats, which sold 100% under good competition, dominated by China.

Coyotes continue to have very strong demand from the international fashion and trim trade. 105,000 coyotes sold 100%, primarily to Italy, France, Canada and Hong Kong for the better sections, ending the coyote selling season on a very strong note.

A small collection of wild mink sold 100%. Beaver sold well in the larger sizes but met resistance in the smaller sizes. Raccoons were mainly withdrawn due to the continued absence of Russian demand, which also effected clearances of red fox, grey fox, and ranched silver fox.

Yesterday’s sale of taxidermist articles including bears, timber wolves and wolverine sold very well with good clearances.

The sale continues tomorrow with our regular ranch mink offering.

Wild Fur Sales Report 2015-06-28 PDF