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Coyotes Continue to be Fashionable

February 5, 2018

Retailers worldwide are reporting strong coyote trimming sales, which bodes well for our upcoming auction.

Rob Cahill reported the following, having just returned from China:

We are seeing a lot more interest by Chinese brands to explore the range of wild fur varieties, following an intense effort by NAFA to show international designer styles in wild fur. In addition, we have been sharing and promoting dressed and treated (dyed, sheared) skins and technique samples that we created to give Chinese manufacturers and designers some ideas of how to set their brand apart from the competition. While ongoing, we are developing partnerships with major Chinese companies that could well be the difference to finally get wild fur more integrated in China. The current atmosphere in the trade is certainly better than it was a month ago, but people remain cautious. We will see how the attitudes are coming out of Chinese New Year and the two biggest international fur fairs, Hong Kong and Milan at the end of February.

The weather in the Northeast has been, and still is exceptionally cold, which is helping retailers. Unfortunately, the increase in the number of retail outlets has resulted in fierce competition hitting everybody’s profit margins, which are down substantially. Overall, retail sales in China are showing mixed results.

The Russian retail market has been disappointing due to warmer than usual weather in December and January, as well as a lack of consumer spending. A recent sale in St. Petersburg of Russian wild sable showed declines of 20% to 30% compared to a year ago and selling approximately 85% of the offering.

Raccoon and beaver, traditionally more Russian articles, are still difficult and the muskrat market will depend very much on the upcoming mink sales.

The first major sale of ranched mink will be later this week in Denmark, with 3.5 million mink being offered.