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Coming Soon: The 2017 NAFA Heritage Campaign

May 30, 2017

This March, NAFA took a step in a new direction and headed north in search of snow to shoot the annual designer campaign. Set on a private gaming reserve in Montebello, Quebec, the new campaign showcases a selection of sustainable and ethically sourced NAFA furs, designed by some of the top names in fur fashion, and presented in an authentic, natural setting.

A team of top creatives, including FASHION Canada stylist Zeina Esmail and German-born model Esther Heesch, braved the cold for the winter heritage scene. Roaming Focus Productions, a Toronto-based studio known for ambitious nature photography, was recruited to photograph the campaign and direct a short video that captures the look and feel of NAFA’s heritage today.

Stay tuned for the full campaign release, coming July 2017.