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Canadian Minister of Agriculture Attends NAFA Fur Summit and Signing Ceremony

November 21, 2017

On November 20, 2017, as part of the Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Marketing Mission to China, Rob Cahill (NAFA) and Gary Hazlewood (Canada Mink Breeders Association) participated in a special summit in the country’s capital with high ranking delegates of the Chinese fur industry. In attendance were Tony Xie, President of FURCHINA, Mr. Feng Baoxing, Chairman of the CCCFNA, Mr.Tian, Secretary General of the CCCFNA, Mr. Jonathan Huang of the China Fur and Leather Association, and Mr. William Chen of IFF China. The group met to discuss important issues related to the fur industry in China. China is the world’s most important market for the fur trade and takes upwards of 75% of Canadian ranched mink production on an annual basis.

This is the second year in a row for the Government of Canada to undertake this high ranking government delegation, that is supporting over 100 Canadian agricultural sectors, to explore, develop and improve on market opportunities in China. The Agricultural Minister’s 10-day Mission began in Shanghai, traveled south to Guangzhou, and concluded in Beijing. One element of the Canadian government focus this year is to explore e-commerce opportunities for Canadian agricultural businesses.

The Honourable Laurence MacAulay facilitated discussions and heard issues important to both Canadian mink breeders, and to the Chinese fur industry. The Minister, who hails from Prince Edward Island, is very familiar with fur farming was well briefed on the importance of the Chinese market and the need to ensure Canada remains competitive in this key market. The meeting has opened doors for all parties to continue bilateral discussions on Tariff and Non-Tariff trade barriers, and fully acknowledge the importance for both governments to support this multi-billion dollar industry in China.

On this important occasion, Minister MacAulay witnessed a Signing Ceremony between NAFA and FURCHINA, marking their recent online auction and strategic e-commerce relationship (via WeChat’s e-commerce platform) and reaffirming their commitment for a joint collaboration to continue building the China fur market.

NAFA also participated in the Export Café, along with other industries and is presenting a success story of over 30 years in the Chinese market, now one of the leading suppliers of furs into this world leading marketplace. NAFA’s cooperation with FURCHINA is another market leading initiative our company has taken to strengthen our position in this market for long-term technology development and market support.