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September 6, 2014

September 6, 2014

NAFA concluded its wild fur sale with clearances much higher than expected.  Fresh offerings of Coyote, Muskrat and Lynx Cat sold 100%, but more importantly, we offered all of the unsold skins from our May sale and were able to clear out large quantities throughout.

Section I Wild Mink sold 100%,, as did Fisher, Sable, Lynx and Red Fox.  350,000 Raccoon were sold in this sale   under strong competition, with China and Russia dominating.  We have now sold over one million Raccoon this season, which is a Company record.

65,000 trapper owned Beaver were offered, of which over 50,000 were sold.  In most articles we now have very small quantities left and are going into the new season with most articles completely sold and the remainder with low inventories.

Overall, the result of this wild fur sale can only be described as better than expected and hopefully the wild fur market has now turned for the better.

September Wild Fur Full Report (USD)