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North American Fur Auctions (NAFA) is the second largest fur auction house in the world, and the largest in North America, with a tradition of excellence stretching back to 1670 and its Hudson’s Bay Company roots.


NAFA currently sells over ten million ranch-raised mink pelts annually. In addition, NAFA offers the world’s fur buyers the largest and most comprehensive collection of high quality Wild Fur along with an extensive collection of ranch-raised Fox.


Fur pelts are received on a consignment basis from North American and European fur farmers, as well as North American fur trappers, and offered at up to four major fur auctions throughout the year in Toronto, Canada.


For more information, including our history, executive management and job opportunities, visit About NAFA, or learn how to buy or sell with us.


Download Printable Auction Schedule

Auction Schedule

2017 Auctions


Feb 9 - Feb 13

5-Day Auction

May 8 - May 14

7-Day Auction

Jul 6 - Jul 10

5-Day Auction

2016 Auctions


Jan 30 - Feb 4

6-Day Auction

Apr 3 - Apr 10

8-Day Auction

May 30 - Jun 5

7-Day Auction

Buying at NAFA

First time buyers to NAFA will need to open an account with Buyer Services. The prospective buyer should contact NAFA Buyer Services directly by phone/fax or email prior to the sale. In addition to providing credit information, a 35% deposit will be required to be received in advance of the sale. This amount is calculated on the client’s intended dollar amount of purchases. The deposit may be sent by check, wire transfer, or by Letter of Credit opened by an approved bank. If you buy or sell fur with NAFA, please also complete the registration form .