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Aggressive Marketing and Promotion Pays Off

October 30, 2017

NAFA’s marketing and promotional team was very active this year, especially in China and Russia. Since our July sale, we have done everything possible to sell the remaining unsold wild fur inventory. This was not an easy task as the market continues to be difficult and inconsistent. However, hard work and perseverance resulted in our selling most articles 100% at full market levels. NAFA has now sold 100% of the raccoon, muskrat, otter, Western coyote and all the larger size (XL and up) sable/marten.

More importantly, through workshops that we have held in these two major markets this fall, we have been able to reach many new customers.
At this time the retail season has just begun. Unfortunately, it is off to a slow start, and we will have to wait for Mother Winter to arrive in China. It would appear that in Russia it is more a lack of money than of weather. In North America and Europe, where we are more dependent on trimming articles like coyote and red fox, the unseasonably warm weather is also slowing down the start of retail.

We would like to remind all of our wild fur producers that market conditions are still extremely challenging. The strongest demand and prices will be for bigger sizes and better qualities for most wild fur articles. Consequently, don’t start trapping too early, conserve your gas and energy and limit the harvest to the goods that are properly handled, in demand and saleable.

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