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An Action Packed October for Buyer Workshops in China

October 20, 2017

Following the national Chinese holiday (October 1-8, 2017), NAFA kicked off a series of Buyer Outreach Workshops across the country, hitting all major fur cities. The Buyer Outreach Workshops invited both new and existing NAFA customers and manufacturers to engage with NAFA Mink and NAFA Northern Wild Fur via hands-on grading sessions to help improve their buying process. From the Northeast to the Southwest to the Southeast of China, the NAFA team met with hundreds of enthusiastic customers, helping to prepare them for the auction season ahead.

Workshops were not only limited to buyers. They also expanded to retailers, teaching them about the different characteristics of NAFA furs to better their sales tactics during the bustling retail season.

The initiative was led by NAFA’s China team: Lumin Yao (Director of NAFA China), Dragon Hu (Marketing Director, China), Bruce Dong (NAFA Communications Coordinator), Gianni Jiang (NAFA Representative), and Li Hongsen (NAFA Representative). In addition, joining the NAFA China team from Stoughton and Toronto respectively were Brian Balaam, (Global Quality Control Manager), Nick Dolinsky, (Senior Fur Technician) and Josh Molina (Grader/Solicitor Wild Fur).

The workshop series kicked off at the new NAFA House in Tong’erpu, Liaoning Province. On October 10, NAFA invited the Tong’erpu Youth Fur Association to a fur grading course. For this, NAFA prepared almost 1000 sample skins of different grades to help equip with these young furriers with the knowledge and skills to attend and buy at NAFA auctions.

After two days of workshops in Tong’erpu, the NAFA team split into two groups: one group hosting workshops in Hebei, and the other to Nanjing-Haining-Yuyao.

From October 12- 14, Brian Balaam and Dragon Hu held a two-day workshop in Nanjing. Simultaneously, Nick Dolinsky and Joshua Molina hosted 3 days of mink and wild fur workshops in the Hebei province, covering the cities of Cangzhou, Dongkou and Daying.

Brian Balaam and Dragon Hu took on the Zhejiang province with workshops in Chongfu and Haining from Saturday, October 14 & 15.

Monday, October 16, the NAFA team reunited and finished off the series at a well-attended workshop in Yuyao.

NAFA’s continued efforts to educate and share knowledge about the NAFA grading system throughout key buying regions in China has become an annual activity that is expanding to more and more participants each year. Each year, NAFA benefits by learning more and more from the Chinese buyers in terms of market demands and trends, and buyers in this important market learn more about NAFA’s collection, and how to buy and participate in auction.