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A Day of Mixed Results

February 2, 2016

Day three of NAFA’s January-February auction started off with the sale of Demi Brown females, which saw high clearance levels in some of the more commercial goods where buyers saw interesting opportunities. There was price resistance for higher quality short-nap goods.

Demi females were followed by the sale of Blue Iris males and females which saw an overall clearance of over 70% at better than expected prices. The story was much the same for Sapphires.

Silverblue males and females met with market resistance and highly selective demand.

A small collection of Can-Am Sable sold with Korea competing for higher quality goods.

The top lot of Blue Iris Mink — Female was purchased by JINDO Co,. Ltd, of Seoul, Korea, for $145. Produced by Jefferson-Mueller-Moyle-Smieja-Gamroth.

The top lot of Sapphire Mink — Male was purchased by Ds FURS, of Seoul, Korea for $180. Produced by Bogus Fur Farm.

NAFA’s January-February auction continues tomorrow, beginning with Demi Brown male mink at 7:30 AM EST, followed by a very large, high quality collection of Whites, and a small but outstanding collection of Violets.

FULL PDF REPORT: NAFA-Sales-Report-02-02-2016-PDF