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NAFA Welcomes Top Lot Club Founding Members

March 5, 2018

This year marks the official launch of the NAFA Top Lot Club. The NAFA Top Lot Club formally recognizes our quality buyers and provides benefits such as global marketing support and tailor-made promotional initiatives to advance each member’s business and brand.

NAFA is pleased to announce and welcome the following list of founding members to the NAFA Top Lot Club:

  • Yves Salomon of Paris, France –Raccoon
  • Jinpeng Fashion Co., Ltd. (Brand Name: Bao Xi Xue Fur) of Tong’erpu, China – Demi Brown Mink (Male). Produced by Walt Brown.
  • Rebellato Graziano S.A.S. of Italy – Coyote.
  • The Gorski Group Collection – Violet Mink (Male), Violet Mink (Female). Produced by Zimbal Mink.
  • MELE 1880 of Napoli, Italy – White Mink (Male). Produced by Sandy Bay M.R.
  • EUROPA FURS of Kazakhstan – White Mink (Female). By Sandy Bay M.R.
  • Nevris Furs of Kastoria, Greece – Lynx Cat.
  • Haining Zhongyue Furs Clothing Co., Ltd., (Brand: Louisky), of Haining, China – Mahogany Mink (Female). Produced by Ball Bros.
  • KC Fur of China – Can-Am Sable.
  • Globecraft Inc. of Toronto, Canada – Silver Fox.
  • Aifeimi Fur of Tong’erpu, China – Black NAFA (Male). Produced by Zimbal Mink.
  • Harbin Guifuren Fur Square of Harbin, China – Black NAFA (Female). Produced by Zimbal Mink.
  • Due Fratelli of Kastoria, Greece – Fisher.

NAFA looks forward to working with each buyer to develop individual marketing strategies to execute over the next 12 months.