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NAFA Announces Preliminary Offering for Online Auction in Cooperation with FURCHINA

August 28, 2017

North American Fur Auctions (NAFA) is pleased to announce it will be participating in an online auction in cooperation with FURCHINA. The auction will take place at FURCHINA’s auction house in Yuyao, China on October 18-19, with skins on show as of October 10.

On offer will be 335,000 mink, 1,000 ranched Blue Fox and samples for various varieties of unsold wild fur.

Please see the following link to review NAFA’s Preliminary Offering: October 2017 – NAFA On-Line Auction Preliminary Offering*

For more information on how to participate, please contact your NAFA Agent or FURCHINA. Additional details will follow.

To learn more about NAFA’s strategic alliance agreement with FURCHINA, please refer to our May 10 announcement: North American Fur Auctions Announces Strategic Alliance with FURCHINA

*This information is subject to change.