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NAFA Celebrates Yuyao International Fur Exhibition with Fur & Fashion Summer Workshop

August 23, 2017

The second annual Yuyao International Fur Exhibition kicked off on August 18, 2017 at the Fur Industry Park Conference Center. The theme of the event was “Fur Fashion Fusion”.

NAFA’s booth was very popular as it featured a pop-up studio space where visitors could touch, feel and try to sew fur technique samples of their own. NAFA collaborator and designer, Ricky Sun, was a prominent fixture at the NAFA booth and could often be found chatting with visitors about working with fur.

In addition, NAFA hosted a seminar for participants about working with luxury fashion houses and fur manufacturers around the world.

Lastly, NAFA facilitated a summer workshop for Yuyao fur manufacturers. The workshop educated attendees about the different types of fur and textile combination techniques as well as highlighted the latest global colour trends in fur fashion.

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