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Better Than Expected Results at NAFA’s May Sale

May 14, 2017

In today’s sale, Silverblue, White and Pearl females sold at firm to slightly easier levels.

NAFA’s May auction concluded with a strong sale of Breeders and Section III mink.

As has been the case throughout the entire sale, NAFA’s auction room was full, once again, with buyers from all international markets, bidding cautiously throughout the day. China/Hong Kong were the biggest buyers, with outstanding support from Korea.

Managing this auction was a challenging task but it was made easier by the fact that there was such a strong attendance from all major markets. In fact, many buyers commented that this significantly contributed to the better than expected results achieved in this sale. NAFA was able to sell 83% of the offering while holding mostly firm on prices, despite a down-trending market.

Nevertheless, as many buyers and other knowledgeable people in the trade pointed out, there are still 13 million mink to be offered between now and our July sale.

NAFA would like to thank the trade for the strong support that we received during our May sale and we look forward to seeing you again in July.

Top Lots

The Top Lot of White Mink — Female was purchased by Guangzhou Manali Apparel Trading Co. Ltd. for KC Fur, of Harbin, China for $320. Produced by Unicorn.

Full PDF Report: Better Than Expected Results at NAFA’s May Sale-PDF