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NAFA Auction Bulletin: Finest Mutation Collection Available at NAFA's May Sale

April 11, 2017

Each year, NAFA is proud to offer the largest and highest quality selection of mink in the world, including an extensive Mutations collection.

Buyers at NAFA’s May auction will have access to a total offering of 3 million top quality mink, including over 1 million of NAFA’s celebrated Mutations collection, featuring:

  • Blue Iris – 50,000
  • Lavender – 13,000
  • Sapphire – 40,000
  • Silverblue – 270,000
  • Palomino – 150,000
  • Pastel – 180,000
  • Pearl – 120,000
  • Unique Mutations – 10,000
  • Violet – 10,000
  • Various Cross – 75,000
  • White – 160,000

NAFA’s Mutation collection is produced by the finest North American and European farms. Our pale Pastel and Blue Iris mink are completely unique to North America, and our Whites, Pearls and Palominos make up one of our largest and finest European collections.

NAFA’s May auction runs from May 8-14, 2017, and is on show progressively as of May 3.

For more information on NAFA’s Preliminary Order of Sale, please visit the following link: Preliminary Order of Sale: May 2017.

NAFA Auction Bulletin: Finest Mutation Collection Available at NAFA’s May Sale – PDF