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Market Continues Upward Trend

February 11, 2017

The second day of NAFA’s February mink sale opened to another full room of international buyers, and once again, the room saw widespread and highly competitive bidding.

Demi Brown males saw a range of advances between 5-15 % depending on size, nap and quality. Smaller Demi males were firm to +5%, while larger sizes and better qualities advanced 5-10% above recent international levels. More commercial naps saw advances of 10-15%.

Classic naps of Silverblue males and females advanced up to 10%. Better quality males advanced 10-15%, while females saw levels that were 10% over the most recent international auction.

Pearl males and females advanced 5% with levels in more commercial naps rising up 10%. Better quality Pearl females were dominated by Korea at levels that were 15-20% over recent international levels. Some Pearls were withdrawn due to consignor limits.

An exceptional collection of Can-Am Sable sold 100% under strong competition, achieving levels that were 35-70% over those achieved in 2016, depending on size and quality.

PDF Report: 02-11-2017-M-PDF

NAFA’s February sale continues tomorrow with the sale of Demi Brown females, Sapphire, Blue Iris, Violet, Unique Mutations and Lynx Cat.