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Student Designers Declare Studio NAFA a Success  

By Nancy Daigneault

Another successful Studio NAFA program in Toronto in early September saw top design students come in from all over the world to learn first-hand about the fine art of making garments with high quality fur. This Studio NAFA session brought together students from Italy, Korea, the U.S, Greece and one from Canada.

The five day workshop, overseen by Professor Vasilis Kardasis, included detailed instructions on fur grading with top NAFA graders, along with traditional sewing techniques and designing accessories. The students used their artistic talents to create innovative, inspiring pieces and were tasked with using four different types of fur fabric to create accessories such as necklaces, trim on clothing or covers for handbags.

The grand finale of the week-long session was a much anticipated ‘reveal’ – when the students had the opportunity to reveal to the group their creations. A constructive critiquing session followed the ‘reveal’, permitting the students to obtain feedback from their peers about their handiwork.

The participants in the program agreed that Studio NAFA provided valuable hands-on training, informative and enlightening insights into the various uses of fur and the opportunity to use creativity in design.

Studio NAFA has, once again, proven to be a meeting point for those who love fur. Participants come for inspiration and knowledge on developing new approaches for working with the many diverse products that are included in the NAFA family of brands.