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Ranchers In Awe of China Market  

Nine days on a whirlwind tour of China left the 40 members of the North American rancher tour group speaking in superlatives. The words “biggest” and “best” were often heard along with “amazing, incredible and astonishing”.

After touching down in Beijing on September 17th, the activities were nonstop. To get a feel of the culture, tours to the Forbidden City and Tianamen Square started their adventure. For a glimpse into the local fur industry, the next day was spent visiting Ya Bao Lu, the well-known Russian wholesale fur market, as well as China Tuhsu, one of the largest manufacturers in the country. The intrepid travelers set off early on day three for the experience of a lifetime…a climb on the Great Wall of China!! Without any rest, they returned to the hotel, did a quick change from rugged adventurer to chic trendsetter and were whisked away to NAFA’s annual media event. The media was impressed with their attendance and many ranchers found themselves on Fashion TV and in photos on blogs and in newspapers.

There was no rest yet as Dragon Hu, NAFA’s China agent and acting tour guide, assembled them the next morning for the flight to Shanghai. The contrast in cities was immediately apparent and set the stage for seeing much more of modern China. The following days offered excursions to Hai Ning and Yu Yao, two of China’s major fur manufacturing areas. These massive wholesale and retail markets left everyone in awe of the magnitude of the fur industry in China.

The last stop on the tour was Hong Kong. After passing through Customs and Immigration, the voyagers stepped into yet another dimension of China. This Special Administration Region was long considered “The Gateway to China” and still serves the fur trade as such. This financial powerhouse boasts a skyline beyond imagination, culinary delights and some of the world’s best shopping.

A harbor cruise and dinner at a secluded island cove marked the end of the journey. The cloud cover and falling rain that marked the edge of a typhoon did nothing to dampen the spirits of “the NAFA family” that had evolved. To experience a culture over 5,000 years old and, at the same time, witness the future of our fur industry is an extraordinary opportunity and one NAFA was pleased to share with our ranchers.