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2016 Leonard Werner Memorial Scholarship Recipients

November 15, 2016

We are pleased to announce the following recipients of the 2016 Leonard Werner Memorial Scholarship.

Dana Eistetter – granddaughter of Ron Pikowicz, a wild fur shipper from Pierceland, Saskatchewan.

Allison DeMatteis – daughter of Robert DeMatteis, a mink farmer from Boyers, Pennsylvania.

Jessica Loeffen – daughter of Harold Loeffen, a mink farmer from Wainfleet, Ontario.

Cassandra Eilers – daughter of Jeff Eilers, a wild fur shipper from Ryan, Iowa.

Garrett Keener – son of David Keener, a wild fur shipper from Ashland, Ohio.

Jonathan Kahnke – son of Brian Kahnke, a mink farmer from Melrose, Wisconsin

Braeden Coleman – stepson of Chad Nielsen, Processing Manager, NAFPRO, Stoughton, WI

Anna Dal Bianco – daughter of Paul Dal Bianco, Information Technology, Toronto, Ontario.

Cristian Lopez – son of Tony Lopez, Logistics Manager, Toronto, Ontario

Laura Martin – daughter of Rod Martin, Senior Fur Technician, Toronto, Ontario.

NAFA congratulates these ten outstanding individuals and wishes them every success in their future academic and career endeavours.

Leonard Werner Memorial Scholarship Information For Applicants