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NAFA Announces Multi-Year Agreement with SKINPOLEX POLSKA  

NAFA is pleased to announce that it has reached a multi-year agreement with Skinpolex Polska of Poland to exclusively market all mink and silver fox pelts produced by Skinpolex Polska affiliated breeders, commencing with the upcoming 2014 selling season. Skinpolex Polska is a new company owned and organized by a small, but distinguished, group of large Polish fur producers. This agreement ensures that NAFA will, once again, grow its total fur consignments in 2014 and beyond as well as clearly establish the need for NAFA to have three major auctions in 2014 (February, April and June) where, in total for the year, we hope to sell in excess of 10 million mink pelts and significantly more wild fur. Together, these are critical factors in today’s marketplace in attracting even more buyers and thereby realize greater value for our goods.

Sebastian Jansen, Managing Director of NAFA Europe, stated that “we believe that this new partnership with Skinpolex Polska producers will substantially increase NAFA’s share of Polish mink sold on the international market as well as help us to provide even better customer service to all our shippers across Poland.”

Michael Mengar, President and CEO of NAFA, echoed Mr. Jansen’s comments, and went on to say that “together with our North American producers, we welcome our new Skinpolex Polska partners to the NAFA family.”