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A strong following in Kiev for NAFA’s Annual Workshop

October 16, 2018

On October 16, almost 100 guests, including skin dealers, fur garments and fur trim manufacturers, retailers, mink farmers, dressing plants representatives and designers, attended the annual NAFA Fur Workshop in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Ukrainian fur industry representatives were joined by professors and a group of students of two new faculties of Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (KNUDT) – Biotechnology, Leather and Fur as well as Technology and Design of Fur Garments.

The workshop was held by Oksana Moroz, Marketing Director of Eastern Europe and Katia Popova, Marketing Representative in Russia.Participants came from all over Ukraine – Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Rivne, Cherkassy, Izyum, Kyiv, as well as Tysmenytsya and Khmelnytskyi.

Several fur trade VIP’s were in attendance at the workshop including Igor Zvarych, President of the Ukrainian Assosiation of Furriers, Elena Mokrousova, Anna Nikonova and Irina Prodanchuk, Professors of Kiev National University of Technologies & Design (KNUTD) and Oleksandr Dykyi, the President of Ukrainian Fur Farmers Association.

Also in attendance were Ukrainian designers Felix Rodionov, Irina Parkhomenko, Letitsiya Kovaleva and Mariya Galushka. Felix, Mariya and Letitsiya attended Studio NAFA workshops in the past and were happy to share their experience with all those present.


The workshop explored the specific features of NAFA products including North American and European mink as well as North American wild fur. NAFA also shared fur techniques, trend presentations, marketing programs and how to attend a NAFA auction in Toronto. The workshop also discussed natural fur vs. plastic fur and what it means to be ethical and sustainable in fashion today.

 A collection of garments provided by Ukrainian designer Felix Rodionov and a fur brand MEHOV Furs – made from NAFA Mink and NAFA Northern wild fur – were displayed on mannequins throughout the workshop demonstrating the unique designs that can be created using NAFA’s eclectic collection of fur.

North American and European mink pelts as well as a vast array of wild fur pelts were assembled for the workshop to encourage participants to not only attend NAFA’s auctions but to also promote NAFA fur and spread the word within the trade about NAFA.

The workshop was a great success and remains an excellent opportunity for networking and knowledge for members of the Ukrainian trade.

Check out our video below.